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What is HomePath®?

PROGRAM UPDATE:  The HomePath program will no longer be available for any contracts written after 10/6/2014, and all HomePath mortgages must close by 12/1/2014.

HomePath® is a mortgage program that is being offered by FannieMae through approved HomePath® lenders nationwide.  The current economic situation and increased foreclosures has created a large inventory of homes for FannieMae.  Simultaneously, the increased foreclosure rate has caused mortgage lenders (and PMI companies) to restrict financing to only those consumers with high credit and large down-payments. The HomePath® program is the first real step towards a real estate market recovery.

Helpful Tips:

  1. BulletContact us before you make your offer.  We can explain how to get the most with your offer.

  2. BulletHave your Realtor contact us.  Your Realtor may benefit from understanding what to expect from Fannie Mae before they submit your offer.

  3. BulletGet pre-approved for a HomePath® loan before you submit your offer.  An offer with a HomePath® pre-approval will normally be accepted over an offer with a conventional loan pre-approval, FHA loan pre-approval or even cash.

  4. BulletEducate yourself by asking questions.  Buying a home can be the largest purchase you ever make, don’t make it the least informed purchase you ever make.